the Conduit

Cost: 1,000 Gold

Tessa the conduit by laclillac-d55jhpx

Realms: Chaos, Myth

Immortal Ally: Brood Mother


Rank Name Blood Costs Effect
Acolyte Channel Power 2 The next time you play a spell, you increase your power by 15% and gain 5 Mana.
Avatar Lightning Strike 3 Target enemy ally is dealt damage equal 2x your Power and stunned for 1 turn. Adjacent allies are dealt damage equal to 50% of your power.
Demigod Thunderous Clap 4 Enemy Champion is stunned for 1 turn and loses 10 Mana at the beginning of its next turn.

Current Starting Deck:

Chaos Myth

Burning Pitch

Meteor Storm


Thought Mist



Shock Mage


Blade Dancer

Lady of the Mist

Mist Weaver

Hatchling Drake


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