Class: Mage

Sphere: Order

Stars: 3

Mana Cost: 45

Abilities: Slow, Blast

  • "Battlemage does not attack on the turn he enters play. When he attacks and hits, he deals damage to all enemy allies equal to his power."

(+++) Evolved Abilities: Slow, Blast, Cloak

  • "When Battlemage enters play, he does not attack and cannot be targeted by spells or abilities for one turn. When he attacks he deals damage to all enemy allies"
Level Power Health
1   40   60
10   77 116
40 200 300
50 225 325
60 250 350
70 275 375
  • One copy of this card can be obtained by ascending Majus to Immortal.
  • One copy of this card can be obtained from Ramses starter deck.

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